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Sonja So Pretty And So Addicted


Sonja is a beautiful 27 years old polish girl. She started to smoke with the nurses when she was working on a hospital 5 years ago, she was 22. She quickly developed a strong addiction: after being working for hours on the hospital she spent her time at home chainsmoking alone on the couch until she felt her lungs burning.

Now, this girl smokes 25 to 30 cigarettes a day. Sonja has developed a unique style: after strongly dragging on her 100s she quickly opens her lips leaving a little cloud of smoke, then she closes her mouth and inhales powerfully to get the smoke deeper with a “shhhhh” sound, and often moistens her lips to get a better grip on her cigarette. When she does this quicker it really seems like she is sending a kiss to you!

During the video the camera gets really close to her so you’ll hear the tobacco crackling and the nice sound that her “kiss” makes. She always lights up using matches. This beautiful girl really enjoys smoking: “when the smoke comes inside me, mmm… it’s fantastic”. She also likes inhaling the direct flow of her cigarette. You’ll also get some awesome dangling scenes punctuated with great smiles. Sonja smokes with a great style and sensuality, self confidently, using her talents to seduce you. Go for this video if you want to discover a beautiful stylish woman who thoroughly knows how to smoke, sending a kiss to you at almost every drag.

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