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Sorority Girl Hooked Again! Captive Chrissy Marie


Chrissy was over a pack a day smoker all throughout her last year at high school but when she got to college she joined a very preppy and snooty sorority where her smoking was highly frowned upon. It was not the image they wanted so much to her dismay Chrissy had to quit. She is now a senior in college and are the leader of her sorority. Her step-mom still smokes and every time she goes home to visit it’s so hard to resist having one. Finally, after 3 years of not smoking, she decides to blow off the sorority rules, she is the queen bee now and will do whatever she wants!

She is driving home to visit her step-mom and when she stops and impulsively buys her VS 120s. She is very eager and excited to light up and when she does she takes a huge drag and inhales very deep. The smoke feels so good and she missed it so much that she is instantly addicted again. As soon as she is finished she’s already craving another and she knows she is definitely going to be at least a pack a day smoker again. In fact, she’s already planning on getting all her fellow sorority girls to start smoking too after all!

This HD clip was a CUSTOM REQUEST and is 5 minutes & 03 seconds

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