Step-Mother and Step-Daughter By Daughters Jilted Boyfriend Wicked Smoking StepMothers


John and Misty are in her bedroom and John’s hands are all over her. Misty pushes him away and asks him to stop. John’s not sure he understands but starts to kiss her and feel her up again. This time Misty is really pissed. She tells him she’s tired of him always trying to have sex with her. She says she can get other men who won’t always be pawing at her and asks John to leave. On the way out John passes by the living room and he sees Misty’s step-mother on the couch rubbing her neck. When he asks what’s wrong she tells him she thinks she has a pinched nerve. An idea comes to John suddenly. He tells Mrs. Amato that he is studying physical therapy and thinks that in conjunction with , he can help her. Mrs. Amato is willing to try anything to get rid of the pain so John goes to his car for some equipment. John tells Mrs. Amato that he will be putting her in a deep state of and that when she wakes, the pain will be gone. John brings out his light and Mrs. Amato begins to watch the lights and listens to his voice. When Mrs. Amato wakes, she is strapped to the bed and John is on top of her. He tells her that he’s going to get even with her step-daughter and starts to undress the step-mother. John makes Mrs. Amato smoke some ” Special” cigarettes that will make her more susceptible to his suggestions. He takes down his pants and has her suck his cock. Now we see Mrs. Amato on the couch smoking. Her step-daughter comes in and asks her what’s wrong with her because she doesn’t even smoke. Her step-mom practically her to light up one of the special cigarettes and after a few puffs Misty is also in under John’s control. He takes the women to the bedroom and has them make out with each other and then him. He finally blows his load into Mrs. Amato’s mouth who in turn snowballs it into her daughters mouth. A single drop of cum escapes Misty’s mouth and starts to run down her chin until step-mom laps it up too.

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