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Stood over Polish slave and using him as my human ashtray ft Rebecca Leah WomenWhoSmoke


I would like another video of Rebecca Leah using me as her Polish slave. This time dressed in her short black PVC mini skirt and ankle boots, smoking Marlboro Reds. Calling me by my name, Rebecca uses me as her human ashtray. Using my dirty mouth as an ashtray and burning me with her cigarette. Owning me, i am Rebecca’s Polish twat slave. Please include racial words again like Polish wanker, Polish prick and so on. Using a flogger to train me, Rebecca takes long inhales on her cigarette. Rebecca is stood over me for most of this video, looking upskirt at her peachy bottom and panties. Humiliate me, trample me, call me pathetic and make me take her smoke in my lungs. (Custom video)

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