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Tamber & Lynette Smoking Party Girls


Sexy model Lynette shows up for a shoot late at night with her cute friend Tamber after a long night of partying together. They both have been smoking a lot of cigarettes during their party adventures before the shoot, Lynette has no problem smoking more cigarettes for the shoot but all the smoking has made Tamber start to wheeze after her first scene. 1st scene Tamber smokes heavy with big drags and deep inhales, 2nd scene Lynette joins her wearing a sexy skimpy outfit and has a fun time smoking with Tamber who starts to wheeze some as she smokes, 3rd scene Tamber smokes alone and her lungs hiss with almost every deep inhale, and last scene the two of them kick back talk and smoke as Tamber’s lungs are burning and the few drags she takes also makes her wheeze. This video contains 4 scenes and they each smoke Marlboro Reds, 2 for Lynette and 4 for Tamber, 3 of the scenes are captured from two angles and are included in a separate HD download for a total of seven sexy smoking scenes with these cute heavy smoking party girls !!!

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