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Teaching a New Smoker to Breathe Cigarette Smoke. Sian Starts Smoking! SmokingFetishStudio


Sian who is 22 contacted me and asked me if I’d like to collaborate on a lingerie smoking shoot in her home. Of course I said yes! It transpired that Sian was a non-smoker who wanted to learn how to smoke cigarettes. Subsequently I spent an afternoon with her teaching her how to inhale.

“I’ve always thought smoking is sexy” Sian conveyed to me before the shoot. However, Sian has been nervous about sampling cigarettes in the past and thought this would be a great opportunity to try smoking for the first time.

Scene #1: I initially asked Sian (who changes her sexy lingerie in each scene) to lie on her sofa and smoke a cigarette. She never inhaled the first one but I allowed her to enjoy it without interference.

Scene #2: After her initial cigarette I ask Sian to try inhaling. She obliges and she takes tentative small drags and inhales. She only smokes half the cigarette before letting out a small cough and asking to extinguish it. She says “is that okay, it’s made my throat really dry”. She’s becoming by the cigarette smoke!

Scene #3: I initiate a plan to assist Sian in inhaling her cigarette smoke. I ask her to stand in front of a mirror and observe herself smoking by looking at her reflection. You’re not only able to see her wonderful progress in this scene but also observe her fabulous body as well! I ask Sian to try and “inhale all of the smoke this time” and prompt her to “look into the mirror it might help you learn how to do it”. Slowly she learns how to breathe cigarette smoke.

Scene #4: Her progress continues and I encourage her a little more: “This time just try to breathe it all in”. You can see the progress she’s made from the first two scenes. I ask Sian “does it feel better” to which she replies “yeah a bit yeah”. I then ask, “can you feel the smoke as you’re breathing it in?” She replies, “yeah some of it yeah”.

Scene #5: Sian finally learns how to inhale correctly. The ultimate scene in this clip! You’ll see Sian clearly learning how to smoke cigarettes. I probe her to inhale deeper. “This time when you take a drag, take a really small drag and when you take the cigarettes out of your mouth breathe in but not too much”. She does and she loves the sensation!

During the final scene Sian accomplishes the art of inhaling cigarette smoke and adores the feeling of the smoke burning her throat and lungs. If you like to watch non-smokers breathing cigarette smoke for the first time this clip is for you. You’ll see Sian learning and progressing through each scene and sometimes letting out a small cough as her virgin lungs become tolerant and accustomed to breathing cigarette smoke the first time.

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