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Teaching You To Smoke Raqui Rivers


I’ve decided it’s time for you to learn how to smoke, just like me. When I smoke, you smoke. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle… If by “gentle,” you mean make you an addict and destroy your pretty little lungs, then sure, I’ll be gentle. I light my Marlboro Red 100 and take a couple of puffs before slipping the filter between your lips. When I tell you to breathe in, you obey, and when I tell you to puff it out for me, you do. As it turns out, you’re a greedy little smoker, and you smoke up the first cigarette so fast, I have to light another. You keep taking full, deep inhales under my direction and tutelage; your throat gets itchy and you want to cough, but you still have more smoking to do. Watching the way you suck on that smoke, I can tell you love becoming a smoker, and you’ll soon be falling prey to a dirty habit. I make you suck the second cigarette all the way down to the filter, and you know that you’re my disgusting, little smoker now.

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