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These Boots Were Made for Smokin’ Smoking Vanessa


Smoking Vanessa, VS120s, a see-through mesh dress, and thigh high leather boots. Yes, this does sound like an excellent Christmas wish list – however, it accurately describes the latest smoking hot video from Vanessa.

In what could be described as a watershed moment in the history of Smoking Vanessa, our favorite smoking fetish model shows off more of her amazing body than she ever has – this mesh dress leaves very (VERY!) little to the imagination as Vanessa powers through two consecutive cigarettes.

This video features a lot more than Vanessa in a sexy dress and thigh high boots – more importantly, it features the amazing smoking skills we’ve come to know and expect from ‘Nessa: french inhales, luscious creamy snaps, wafting, hands free pumps, some of the deepest chest-raising inhales I’ve ever seen Vanessa take (combined with the see through dress, they look amazing) and some the longest chest-caving exhales ever!

There is a moment at the end of this video where Vanessa stands up and walks to the camera – in her see through dress. Let’s just say you’ll see of Vanessa you’ve never seen before. Do yourself a favor and pick this up for yourself as a Christmas present. You won’t regret it!

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