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Thigh AF – smoking fetish + leg fetish! Real Smoking Girl


Based on the fanmail after my last video, I am aware there are a few leg-lovers among my followers. OK, more than a few, lol. Guys, this one’s – these two – are for you. (Don’t we all miss summertime and bare legs and feet and smoking when it’s warm?) I’m wearing cute little purple shorts – my pj shorts, actually. Gotta be careful how I sit – don’t want you boys to develop some kind of thigh fetish – that could be awkward. How did I squeeze these big thighs into something that small, huh. Too bad I didn’t bring some lotion. Maybe next time – let me know. Nice and quiet too – you can hear my inhales and exhales and soft voice and little sighs of pleasure. I mean, unless you’re too distracted by my legs …

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