Try To Resist Miss Kira Star


Custom Clip: This one is a variation on a smoking tease and denial, it’s called “Stroke When I Smoke”. You start off in the fur, mostly covered up, telling me that we are going to try something different, but if I do what you say. I’ll still get to cum, just on your terms. You let me see that you are nude and enjoying caressing yourself with the fur and knowing what effect it’s having on me. You tell me that you’re going to tease me with my perfect body, the fur, and my smoking, but I have to follow the rules. The only rule is that I can only stroke my cock when you have a cigarette between your lips or teeth, smoking in your perfect style. Simple. You smoke, I get to stroke. You don’t smoke, I have to stop stroking. You ask me if you understand and if I’m ready to start. Needless to say, there’s some smoking, but a lot of teasing with almost smoking, but not quite. You remind me to stop stroking when you take the cigarette out of your mouth and continue to caress yourself and tease me with glimpse of your breasts throughout the entire session. After you finish the first cigarette you tell me that I’ve been very good at obeying and that you’ll give me more “stroke time” with the second cigarette. Towards the end of the second cigarette you keep it in your mouth, telling me I have to cum before you quit smoking or I’ll have to wait until next time.

Clip Contains: smoking, smoker, cigarette, femdom, encouragement, jerk off instruction, joi, nipple, breast, furs, tease & denial, redhead, custom.

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