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Tv Is For Sissies Colight Coherent Light Photography


This dark side video charts the changes imposed on a novice transvestite by a sadistic lesbian couple with a nasty agenda. A young TV hungry for domination surrenders personal control and power of attorney to Amiko and Maddie. The rough treatment and verbal humiliation start immediately. They’re followed by every type of humiliation (face slapping, forced bi humiliation, cigarette training, bondage, forced arousal, leashing) and training (cosmetics, dressing, wigs, sexual reprogramming) imaginable, before the two women have their own smoking, kissing and touching fun together. Aside from the TV’s smoking, Maddie and Amiko’s smoking is outstanding, with deep drags, snaps, mouth and nose exhales, and lots of dangles and hands-free smoking, plus smoke exchanges and smoky kisses between the two women in the final scene. This title has full dialogue and natural sound.

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