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Vanessa Smoking Her Red 100s


Vanessa, the sexy Spanish bombshell is back in a new sexy video.

Scene 1: Vanessa smokes her red 100s in front of a mirror in a wonderful tight red dress that allows you to appreciate her languorous body. She takes glamorous poses, smoking with great sensuality with slow and deep drags, with her characteristic “Mmmm” sound when her lungs get full of thick smoke. She also performs danglings and double or triple pumps to get the maximum amount of smoke in her lungs. And yes, as her body sometimes can’t handle so much smoke, you can assist to a pretty candid cough!

Scene 2: Vanessa wears some underwear here, sexier than ever. She draws hard with great cheek hollowing drags and releases huge clouds of smoke. The video camera captures all her smooth smoking motions as she is filmed from very close. The sound is really good, you’ll hear great “shhh” sounds as she inhales the smoke deep. The lighting is also excellent so you can see every wisp of smoke she blows with some mouth-nose combinations.

Vanessa smokes 3 red 100s in this video. 2 of them lit with a lighter and another one lit with the previous cigarette. Vanessa confirms her addiction here; it is obvious she is really enjoying her cigarettes. Share a moment with her to experience again her unique powerful style, strong and sexy.

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