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Venus O’Hara: The Irish Smoking Wife


Venus O’Hara ( the gorgeous Irish woman is back, inhaling more smoke than never with an outstanding smoking style. This video gives a true insight in the mind of smoking wifes with a smoking fetish. In her thoughts we can hear her obsession being wanted and in need of nicotine. Venus seems to truly understand the smoking fetish and wants to be the perfect smoking wife, without worrying about competition. And she is actually, a wife full of nicotine all the time for her partner, a smoking object that you will enjoy

In this video we see Venus chain smoking as she does in her private life. There are a lot of facial expressions of enjoyment and in the same time hear her thoughts while she is doing that. This woman has a thing for reds, but keeps smoking lights, because she believes she needs to smoke more, to get the same nicotine rush.

The smoking style in this video is extraordinary, even better than previous videos, and also really dirty. If you like to know personal unspoken thoughts about a smoking wife, her feelings and needs, and you want to enjoy watching a wife chain smoking more than never, then you have to see the full video!

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