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You have a smoking date with me tonight! Smoking Angie


Well, it’s Friday night and Friday nights are always the perfect night for a date! I did this custom clip a while back and thought maybe you would like to be my date tonight! But I warn you… you maybe get d with my smoke and addicted to me!

Here’s the scenario:

We’re on a date and sitting across from each other, you arrive and we make a little small talk, then you ask me if I mind that you smoke. I, of course, say I don’t mind and you pull out a 120, light it up and blow a big cloud of smoke in my face. You apologize for it, but then you realize I love it and you blow another cloud at me. After that, you keep blowing smoke in my face and ask how much I like it, how much you like it, etc. You can wear a dress or something you’d wear on a date.

Custom clip, no names mentioned!

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