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A Collection Of Eleven Bob’s Videos


This tape is a full 2 hour bonanza featuring 9 different models in eleven riveting scenes. Lots of variety and glamorous fun ….A terrific value.

Most of the scenes feature the model introducing herself, and telling you about her smoking. Calli Cox is the real deal, dressed in a leather dress and black lingerie, she smokes several cigarettes, while gradually revealing herself with her chat… well as by taking off her clothes…a yummy opening that will grab you where you sit! Sexy Michele Raven takes long deep drags on her 120 in a smokey, sensual mood piece, and all she’s wearing is a tiny skirt and a smokey smile. Kenya enjoys a quiet moment in her living room, lost in her dreamy thoughts……a talented and experienced smoker thru and thru. The mood changes and Heather Lyn gives her friend Chennin her first lesson in how to smoke and even do French inhales…a charming blend of watching a rookie and a pro smoking together. Rosy Rocket and Sophie Evans add back to back scenes with similar content…….they both are taking a break and describing their smoking biographies while their non-stop smoking energizes and satisfies them. If you enjoy watching beautiful women preparing themselves to meet the world and start their day, then Friday and Cierra are the ticket. Friday walks you thru a short but memorable moment on her deck, in a towel fresh from the shower while she plans her day with a marboro gold. Cierra finishes her make up and preps with a smoke during her quiet boudouir moments. Rosy Rocket returns for a photogenic triple smoke….long deep drags and lots of quiet tease. Brooklyn captures the mood and surreal feeling of a twilight smoke, deep natural inhales and penetrating eye contact. And finally Rosy Rocket offers the perfect ending, as she works on her smoking style, showing a sense of joy and daring…..and spontaneously shows Bob a sight he’s never seen or filmed before……his first pee and smoke scene…..something both unusual and memorable

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