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Alazne: Self-Neglecting Her Health


Heavy smoker Alazne has not been here for about one and a half year. This video shows how she has continued her smoking habit in the meantime. It is 23 minutes long and consists of three scenes:

Scene 1: Alazne sits on the sofa and flicks through a book. She smokes two cigarettes (chain-light up included). She easily performs multiple drags followed with long lung-holds to get enough nicotine into her body.
Scene 2: Here she plays some pick-a-stick while chaining another two cigarettes (again with a chain-light up).
Scene 3: Alazne is now lying in bed, half awake and half asleep. She smokes three cigarettes here (another chain-light up included) which shows that it is very important for her to be adequately supplied with nicotine even in the bed-time.
For the most part of this video, you will witness that Alazne’s heavy smoking has caused her quite obvious health disadvantages. The sounds of her obstructed respiratory tract is fairly audible along the video, and she oftens has to cough in order to savour the next load of smoke, much needed by her poor lungs. But as a true heavy smoker, she keeps neglecting all about these issues; she goes on with her heavy smoking because it is her everyday paramount duty to always carry a pair of lungs well-loaded with smoke.

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