Humiliatrix Colight Coherent Light Photography


This is another in the line of CoherentLight’s outstanding dark side videos featuring exceptional smoking. In most of this title, the models speak directly to you, the viewer, as ‘Amiko’s husband.’ Amiko loves to humiliate you – in fact, she’s so in love with abusing your emotions and mind that she shares her ‘secret’ and not-so-secret love affairs with her friends – especially her buddy Megan – who she then introduces to you as your new ‘baby-sitter’ and trainer. Megan wants you to perform for her amusement while your loving Amiko is out with her latest boyfriend; she makes it clear that smoke and humiliation are your lot in life. As with many of the CoLight dark side features, there is nothing explicit actually shown; the dark side themes are conveyed amazingly well just in the dialogue spoken by Amiko and Megan; and their smoking, of course, is terrific, with lots of right at you exhales and talking exhales interspersed with snap inhales, nose exhales and smoke teasing. There is full dialogue.

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