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Alexxxya Heavy Smoker Interview


Alexxxya started to smoke at 13 years old, stealing cigarettes to her mother. It took her less than a single week to be addicted, as she inhaled from the very beginning! This Romanian girl is now 20 years old and is incredibly addicted! She either lights her red 100s with matches or chains them, lighting a fresh one with the previous.

This girl grew up in a very smoky environment, as smoking is kind of a tradition in her family: “my mom is close to 4 packs a day, my dad, 3”. It gave her an incredible desire to smoke. Her style is really outstanding with long hungry inhales, voluptuous full drags, double pumps, drifting, perfect French inhales, powersmoking, snaps, smoke rings… You’ll hear some great “shhh” sounds as she powerfully draws on her cigarette, often with moans of pleasure. “Smoking is an art, I smoke 2 to 3 packs a day, I’m a pro”. She also perfectly understands the fetish and knows exactly how to seduce you. “I’m happy with my black lungs, every smoker should be, smoking is my sport”. She also urges you to smoke: “go ahead, light one cigarette, you’re gonna enjoy it”. Even when she is sick, this girl keeps smoking until 60 cigarettes a day! “Sometimes, when my body craves in the middle of the night, I wake up to smoke”.

Alexxxya smokes a total of 6 cigarettes in this video for your pleasure: 5 red 100s plus a dangled Kent. An irresistible eastern charm emanates from this Romanian pearl. She has a superb presence on the screen! It’s not only for a screen performance, as she is a breathtaking smoker in real life. It seems so natural for her to smoke with such avidity! Keep in mind that she masters all the smoking techniques! You can’t miss this clip!

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