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Lisa Compilation Speed Smoking 6 Cigarettes in 14 Minutes SmokingFetishStudio


This extended scene is a compilation of the previous two Lisa clips:

-Triple Pumps & Lingerie Smoking – Lisa The Power Smoker Returns!

-100% Addicted! Lisa HATES Smoking but cannot stop.

Lisa is too addicted to smoking to stop as she’s relayed to us in a previous clip beforeHERE . Now she’s back and she’s smoking more than ever – 2 packs of cigarettes a day in fact. But unlike most of the girls here at the Smoking Fetish Studio, Lisa hates smoking! She doesn’t actually extract any joy from her habit, it’s pure addiction and nothing else.

However, Lisa has such a powerful smoking style you wouldn’t believe that she’s adverse to cigarettes. When I press her to fill her lungs with as much smoke as possible, Lisa accomplishes 6 successive pumps before exhaling any smoke at all. In fact it takes Lisa just 2 minutes to demolish her cigarette!

These new scenes are a dark side fetishes dream. In nearly 14 minutes Lisa demolishes 6 cigarettes! She drags tremendously hard performing multiple pumps and sucks the smoke to the bottom of her lungs. Lisa is sheer incredible. She’s simply too addicted to stop and HATES the fact she’s a slave to cigarettes…she just cannot live without them.

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