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Amber Answers Questions & Chain Smokes


Heavy smoking babe Amber does some chain smoking while looking adorable and answering more questions about smoking. She used to be quite shy about interviews but now she really enjoys talking to you about her thoughts of smoking and has a fun time with you while chain smoking two Marlboro Red 100s. Captured from two angles and both are included. Here are the questions:
1- Do you begin inhaling immediately after you light the cigarette?

2- Do you need to keep your throat moist as you smoke, especially if you are chain smoking?

3- Have you developed a smokers cough? Can I hear you cough?

4- How long did it take for you to become addicted?

5- How many cigarettes do you smoke in a day and have you ever smoked 2 packs a day?

6- Do you love the feeling of the smoke rolling into your lungs?

7- Can you feel the smoke filling your air cells bringing the nicotine to all over your body?

8- So what do you think your lungs look like now, pink, dark pink, or tar black?

9- If there was a medical procedure that could remove the tar from lungs would you have it done?

10- Have you ever tried to quit, or do you ever get tired or board of smoking or wish you never started?

11- Do you feel that the health risks from smoking are exaggerated?

12- Do you ever cough when smoking cigarettes?

13- Do you notice any effects from smoking when exercising or going up stairs?

14- Have you ever had difficulty breathing or coughing?

15- When you show the bottom of the filters as they get black, do you think your lungs are filtering the smoke as well?

16- Can you hold the smoke in until it gets all absorbed and how does that feel compared to exhaling the smoke?

17- How many minutes does it take for you after you get up to smoke your first cigarette of the day and how many minutes is it before you smoke your second.

18- Do you feel sexy when you smoke?

19- If you saw someone checking you out as you smoked, would you start to smoke sexy for him to see his reaction?

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