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Angie get you addicted to cigarettes with her special cigarette Smoking Angie


I couldn’t end this year in a different way if not making you addicted! Through the whole year I’ve been encouraging you to smoke, encouraging your addiction and dependence to cigarettes and to me. In this clip I am gonna smoke a VERY SPECIAL and POWERFUL cigarette, it looks like a common cigarette but don’t fool yourself… this cigarette is magic! You will get addicted even before light a cigarette yourself – you will do it! Trust me… once the smoke from my lips touches your face you will start to think about smoking, about the sensation of light a cigarette, inhale, exhale… you will want to smoke everyday, you will wake up thinking about smoking, you will work thinking about smoking, you gonna rest thinking about smoking, you will dream about smoking! Wake up in the middle of the night to light a cigarette and enjoy the nicotine pleasure! It’s too late for you, you are addicted now. You gonna light a special cigarette on my special cigarette already lit, I will hold on my lips and you will get close to light yours! Enjoy your addiction! You’re welcome xoxo

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