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Georgina 18yo New Convert to Cigarettes & Massive Drags SmokingFetishStudio


smoker Georgina wanted to try cigarettes to sample what they felt like. Thus I met her one day in a Central London park and provided her with a packet of strong Mayfair cigarettes. She was enthusiastic and curious to see if she’d enjoy them.

I couldn’t believe how rapidly she smoked and how deep her inhales were! Being a smoker, Georgina was accustomed to breathing huge plumes of smoke into her delicate body and subsequently she became adapted to cigarettes… immediately! She smoked 4 cigarettes in this extended clip in literally minutes, just 2 minutes 30 seconds per cigarette. Georgina was born to smoke.

I emailed her a week after our shoot and her reply confirmed that she finished the entire pack of Mayfair cigarettes the following day; 20 in two days because she loved them sooooooo much. She now smokes a few cigarettes every day and adores her new addiction.

Before this clip Georgina had only smoked 1 cigarette in her life which she and her step-sister tried together. She was 12, her step-sister 11 which Georgina explains on camera. Her pleasure from cigarette smoke is obvious from the delight on her face, and she confirms with the word “definitely” when I ask her “now that you’ve tried cigarettes do you like them?”

Although filmed outside, you can often hear the whoosh of the smoke saturating Georgina’s young lungs. She drags hard, normally for 3 full seconds before breathing as deeply as possible to absorb the delicious smoke into her young body. A truly amazing clip!

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