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Ariadna: Teenager’s Deep Smoking Style


Having started three years ago, this 18 years old beautiful girl has already developed a deep addiction and she’s not ashamed to show it in her debut. Ariadna is new to smokingsweeties, but certainly not to smoking.

In over thirty minutes of video, Ariadna devours 10 full-strength Red 100s – pulling huge volumes of thick smoke deep into her hungry lungs. In 2 of the 4 scenes, she chains 3 cigarettes, smoking each with the same veracity as the last – with huge whooshing inhales, double pumps, lung-holds; talking and nose-exhales and massive residuals. In the other 2 scenes she chainsmokes 2 cigarettes.

Ariadna is a proud and confident teenager smoking girl with bags of potential and an already incredibly advanced and addicted style in one so young.

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