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Ashtray Boy Colight Coherent Light Photography


To open this dark side tour de force, Keenan enjoys turning on the scruffy guy with her smoke but wants a little more: she wants him to swallow her ashes, and he happily does his best. Keenan blows smoke in his face as she feeds him every ash; she also enjoys watching him chew and swallow her first and second cigarettes but is kind enough to use the regular ashtray for her third. She smokes Marlboro white 100s. showing deep inhales and stream exhales with lots of conversational dialogue. IN the next scene, the scruffy guy thought the girls asked him home for some fun; instead, he gets to be their new ashtray in an amazing scene with a custom-made ‘ashtray table.’ It does take Keenan and Valentine a while to tame him with slaps and rough treatment, but eventually eventually he settles into accepting their ashes and cigarette butts as they chat. Both smoke all-white 100s, with snaps and thick exhales. The dark-haired Domme in the next scene is ‘Serena,’ one of Megan’s alter egos. Massive snaps and thick streams into her boy’s face and especially his mouth are incentives for ‘Serena’s’ hooded, smoke-loving slave to savor her ashes and butts. Her smiles, laughter and yummy sounds add a sweet tone to her virtually continuous dialogue. In the next segment, Amiko and Jade smoke all-white 100s as they use bondage, light abuse, harsh language and slapping to train their bound boy as an ashtray. In a change of pace, Liz is a sweet girl who’s found out the man in her life loves smoke and ashes. He confronts her about her smoking – but after a few slaps and some hair pulling his girl has him well in hand, brazenly reaching into his shirt for his cigarettes. She uses his love of smoke to feed him her ashes, before rolling the first one out on his tongue but making him swallow her last cigarette. Liz smokes all-white 100s with deep inhales and stream exhales. Finally, Keenan goes right-at-you as she smokes corks; you can hear her ashes sizzling quite audibly on your tongue as she enjoys using your mouth as an ashtray. The entire video is obviously quite explicitly dark side, yet the smoking is strong enough that even many non-darksiders will completely enjoy it.

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