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Carol: Smoking Mother And Daughter


Carol: Smoking Step-Mother and Step-Daughter

Meet the cute Carol and her mother Ana Maria, a mature smoker. Cigarettes made her work in Mom’s body: her skin is wrinkled, and she has cough attacks, but she still looks beautiful for 52 years old. She started to smoke at 10 with the help of her father (42 years ago). At 13, she already smoked 3 packs a day! Since then, she kept that impressive consumption. All along the video, she describes her habit blowing talking residual exhales. Her style is quiet classical but intense. Voluminous deep drags, sometimes multiples, and massive exhales is her usual way to smoke.

Her daughter, the sweet Carol, is a gorgeous smoker in her twenties. She started to smoke with friends at 14, stealing cigarettes from her mother. She is a talented smoker displaying hard full cheek hollowing drags, snaps, rings and beautiful cone exhales, and several multiple inhales.

First, you’ll learn that Mom smoked as much as usual during her pregnancy. Even though she would like her daughter to smoke less (to avoid having her chronic cough), it’s ok for her that Carol smokes. As Mom breaks coughing, Carol tries to help her to find her breath. In the end, Mom uses a Ventolin™ spray (breath helper inhaler); just after that she declares: “Now, I can continue smoking!”.

You’ll be pleased to learn that this video is subtitled, so you can’t miss anything of this interesting dialogue and their interaction. Parents are usually so strict about their children’s smoking. Here you’ll see a mother naturally lighting her daughter’s cigarettes, coughing, joking like good friends. They smoke a storm together: 12 cigarettes!

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