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asia Chimney Heavy smoking girl Tongtong‘s interview part8 Asian Fetish Club


All heavy smoking fans are happy to see Tongtong return to our studio for one more video. This attractive 22 year old model has lots of fans now because she is a snap inhale expert. She started smoking when she was a sophomore in high school and now 5 years later she finishes 1+ packs of strong brand Xuanhemen cigarettes daily. She understands that cigarettes are harmful for her body and may give her cancer one day in the future but these threats are not enough to convince her to stop smoking. Can you imagine how black her lungs are or how badly damaged her health is from all the smoke she into her body?

Tongtong looks pretty with a pony tail hair style relaxing on a sofa in a casual white outfit. She teases the viewer with eye contact while snap inhaling and exhaling huge amounts of smoke. She burns through cigarettes fast in this video with natural fast rhythm deep inhale drags about every 5-10 seconds. In this interview video she shows off speed smoking with deep drags and long sexy exhale streams of smoke followed by nose residuals that rarely finish before the next drag. Her lungs are filled with smoke for 6 straight minutes with no chance of getting fresh oxygen. She shows you the dark color tar stains on the butts after she finishes 2 cigarettes in only 6 minutes. She continues answering many smoking history, habit, attitude and health awareness questions from the producer including:

1) Do you know that smoking has a higher risk of heart disease?

2) If you spend all day in bed seriously ill will you continue smoking?

3) What do you think nicotine does?

4) Do you know what harmful substances are in cigarettes?

5) Do you think smoking is more common among young people?

6) Can you imagine life without smoking?

7) What do you think your lungs look like?

8) Do you care about your health as a regular smoker?

Tongtong is a good speed smoker because she can finish cigarettes fast in only 3 minutes. All scenes are filmed from 2 angles from both a front view and side view. There is improved HD side view angle filming that enhances and highlights the large smoke volume visual effect. You should buy this video now because Tongtong will turn you on again and again

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