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Allie Smokin Sex Second Hand Smoke


Our sexy redhead, Allie, is back – and this time, she doesn’t have to do all the work – as she and her boyfriend go at it in more than 75 minutes of red-hot smoking sex!

The video starts with Allie enjoying a cigarette and playing with her breasts through her bra, as her boyfriend gives her oral sex. From there, they move on to a variety of positions – Allie mounting him (and facing the camera), doggie-style, and finally missionary; throughout, Allie chain-smokes with deep drags and thick mouth exhales (with some dangles with nose exhales during the doggie-style). And even though it gets tougher and tougher for Allie to smoke as the sex gets more furious, she manages just fine!

Her boyfriend finishes on Allie’s stomach – but Allie isn’t quite finished yet – she enjoys one more “afterglow” cigarette while touching herself lightly, as she comes down from the smoky workout. The action is shown from four different angles, and there’s full ambient sound throughout – no dialogue, but all the sounds of frantic, smoky sex!

If this one doesn’t get you hot, check your pulse!

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