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Asia guoguo`s smoking Extreme problem interview Asian Fetish Club


Beautiful smoking angel Guoguo chain smoke two Xuanhemen brand cigarettes and interviewed by the producer about her smoking habit and history in 20questions (with English subtitle).During the interview she admit she love to smoke the fine cigarettes like her daily brand Xuanhemen, . Guoguo smoke in the manner of elegant and erotogenic, All the scenes captured from two angles (front view and side view) are included in this HD. If you like Guoguo, this video you better to have to know more about this beautiful girl.Extreme interviews with lung cancer? Smoking ends life? Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases?

Do you intend to give up smoking during pregnancy? Is it just less?

Do you smoke less or do not smoke when you have a cold or fever?

If you go to KTV with your friends in the evenings or play at home for a night, how much can you smoke?

If you have only ten minutes’ rest in the two class, would you like to have something to eat or go out for a smoke?

Do you dare to smoke when you are at your parents’ home? If you don’t dare, will it be hard to hold back? Will you sneak out to the outside?

Are there any different for you to smoking at here and smoking in real life?

There are many traditional people in China who think that smoking girls are bad girls. ?

What do you think of smoking girls?

Do you have more girls who smoke around your classmates and friends?

What are the negative effects of smoking (physical, social and emotional)?

What do you think of people who are very interested in smoking girls? Do you think it’s understandable?

Do you have a dyspnea or a smoker coughing?

Do you sometimes imagine how dark your lungs are?

Do you have a chest pain?

Are you getting sick more often than before smoking?

Do you think you’ll have lung cancer one day?

Do you know that someone died of smoking?

Do you know that smokers are more likely to suffer from heart disease? Know how that makes you feel?

If you are seriously ill and spend most of your day in bed, will you still smoke?

What’s the effect of nicotine?

What are the harmful substances in cigarettes?

If you smoke but do not breathe, is there any danger?

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