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Vanessa: Primal Smoking Queen


Wolfish, grey-eyed and hungry, milking her burning cigarette, shimmering with her one-in-a-million confidence. In the first two scenes, Vanessa’s curves fill her tight-fitting clothes. More than any other Sweetie, Vanessa introduces something deeply primal to the act of smoking. Her belly and breasts are forthright, chthonic. She poses with the swagger of a Roman statue, showing off her piercing and tattoos. The sheer volume of her inhale is unmatched; you can feel the smoke tunnel into her with each breath. As her signature characteristic, this lioness sometimes lets loose a girly, aggravating little groan of pleasure. She looks at you possessively from the other side of the camera, running her hands through the gaps in her clothes.

Sporting a different look, Vanessa lounges on a sofa in softer, looser clothing in the second half of her video, showing off the arches around her arms and neck. She teases more casually this time, showing her beautiful tigress-face in profile during some side-view exhales.

Tattooed, smoke-scarred, and still utterly indomitable, Vanessa’s sheer physical presence and commitment to the habit retain the power to make a fetishist’s jaw drop.

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