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Atlanta Moreno & Chloe Toy share their cigarettes finishing with smoky kisses WomenWhoSmoke


Atlanta Moreno and Chloe Toy are laying on the bed beside each other, wearing just a tiny thong each. Chloe Toy opens a new packet of Marlboro Red corked cigarettes and pulls one out slightly, allowing Atlanta to pull it out of the packet with her teeth. Chloe then lights up her own cigarette and leans in to light Atlanta’s for her. Such a good submissive goddess is our Chloe 😉 The girls both take turns inhaling deeply on their cigarettes and showing off their smoking skills to each other. Chloe has nice thick open mouth inhales coming from her pretty mouth, while Atlanta enhances her nose exhales and blows hoops by tapping her cheeks. Chloe ace’s her smoke rings! The girls get really turned on watching each other smoke.. They look each other in the eye and both lean in for a smoky blow-back. They enjoyed that! So, they move in a little closer and share some more blow-back’s followed by smoky kisses. Once the girls have finished smoking their corked cigarettes, Atlanta pulls Chloe in towards her and they start snogging each other in front of you.

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