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Smoking Potpourri Smoking Females


Ok, I am doing something TOTALLY different here. I want to see if any of you are interested in downloading out FULL videos here at the clips store as opposed to getting them on DVD. I am offering the FULL version of “Smokin’ Potpourri” here for the first time. I have not even released it in the DVD/Videos area yet! If everyone likes this idea, I will release the FULL version of all of our movies here for clip download from time to time. This video features assorted scenes of quite a few of our early models. YOu get to see Katyja, Sidorah (when she FIRST started with us and she was only 18!), Isis, Sonja and Tori. Varied scenes and types of ciggies. Everyone seemed to have a GOTH look for some reason that day! Mostly dubbbed music for this one with SOME live audio. VERY intense backlighting.

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