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California Dreamin Volume 2 Double H


Double H videos, off the market for years until now, focus on heavy and accomplished smokers with a premium placed on strong backlight to show thick smoke. Theresa, the buxom black beauty, is back smoking Benson and Hedges. She does mouth, nose, dangling, and some triple pumps. Wanda, the brunette model, is also back for more, doing mouth and nose exhales, a few triple pumps and dangles, and is sexy as ever. Jane is next; she is an Aussie who can do some mind-boggling tricks. Her inhales reflect 35 years of practice, she can take in more than any girl we have seen, her exhales are the product of her massive inhales, large volumes of smoke pour from this 45 year old. She even smokes a cigarette in reverse. Nelly is next, a hip, 18-year old Hispanic girl with the look of a modern day teen, she wears fashionable glasses and has been smoking for a few weeks, so she is very fresh. Finishing this tape is Laurie, a tall model with a lawyer’s looks. She has very long fingers which makes her Capri look even more sexy than normal. There is some dialogue and natural audio. Since the Double H videos were all shot in analog format many years ago, the video quality isn’t quite the same as today’s digital videos – you may get best results by setting your media player display at 50 percent for this video.

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