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Catherine Marlboro Red 100


This really cute skinny girl Catherine was hanging out with Dolly when she stopped by for a shoot. She didn’t plan on doing any videos, she has never done anything like this before so she was quite reluctant to get in front of the camera. After seeing how cute she is and seeing her devour a cigarette and then listening to her talk about how much she smokes (well over a pack daily) I knew I had to convince her to make a clip. I had her watch Dolly making a clip so she could see how its done. After talking for a while I finally convinced Catherine to smoke on camera. First clip she smoked in a scene with Dolly which will be coming out soon. This is the second clip she filmed, in this one its just her smoking a Marlboro Red 100 in the sunlight.
Catherine is 21 with a hot slender tight body and a pretty face to match. She smoked her cigarette rapidly and powerfully all the way down, she is a great smoker and looks very hot smoking her cigarettes. She had a good time filming and hopefully will be back for more shoots.

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