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Chloe Toy chain-smoking Benson & Hedges in the hot tub – Smoking Fetish WomenWhoSmoke


Chloe Toy is in the hot tub wearing her bikini, with her hair clipped back from her face. She picks up a packet of Benson & Hedges Gold and pulls out a cigarette from the packet using her teeth. She sparks the lighter and takes a double pump as she lights her cigarette. She leans against the side of the tub as she smokes in her usual sexy style. Chloe snap back’s on almost every puff! She turns to the side and bends over the edge of the hot tub. Dipping her bottom in and out of the water as she puffs on her cigarette. Chloe sits back and stretches out as she continues to smoke. Her nipple is peaking out over the top of her bikini as her arms are stretched out behind her. Chloe loves to look at you in the corner of her eye as she smokes, allowing the smoke to slowly flow out of her mouth. Chloe turns and looks at you. She comes in closer, takes a long puff and blows it at you. Placing another cigarette in her mouth, Chloe lights up her fresh cigarette from her used, smoked down butt and moves into the centre of the hot tub. She takes a few puffs to get it going and then stands up, towering above you and looking down on you as she smokes her new cigarette. The water is dripping from her tight body as she stands above you, glaring at you, feeling in total control. Chloe turns around to show off her bottom and smokes over her shoulder. Chloe feels so sexy when she smokes! Her eyes are becoming glazed and her smoking is beginning to turn you on even more. She leans on the side of the tub and smokes several long puffs in a row. Her snap backs are superb and she knows it! Chloe finishes the last few drags of her cigarette and then looks at you to leave her be.

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