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Sensual Lingerie Smoking: Sexy Polly Smoking in her Underwear! Smoking Fetish Studio


Spending an hour filming Polly smoking is a delightful task … particularly when her salubrious body was displayed in sexy lingerie. Polly has a body to for and this extended clip reveals her raw beauty to the full.

The natural lighting, an exquisite model, sexy underwear, and importantly, sensual smoking all combine to make these four scenes incredibly stimulating! Polly is rather shy and has a girl-next-door quality to her but that image melts away as she sucks smoke into her young body while dressed in revealing underwear.

I’ve included many camera angles in this clip to record close-up shots of Polly dragging and exhaling, some medium shots to document Polly’s physical beauty, and in one scene I stand over Polly as she lays on her back on a bed and smokes; presenting us with a wonderful birds-eye view of the model.

There are some exquisite shots of Polly’s breasts which rise and deflate as she inhales delicious smoke before releasing it once again into the . I’m certain you’ll agree that this clip is a great addition to your SF collection.

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