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Dangling & Nose Exhales ~ Sweet Maria


“Basically same as previous clip: Maris Gets Ready for Work only wearing turtleneck instead. Same glasses, long earrings etc… And same smoking style, dangles and nose exhales. Long 100 corktips and studio lighting. I would love to see you in a short black skirt and black lace stockings too. Not sure how this would work but I loved seeing you move about and all the different nose exhale angles, particularly when you turned back to the camera. And of course, pulling on your leather gloves. Also, perhaps wear that cheeky nose ring you have. I just have the concept of sitting in – say – a cafe and you coming in on your lunch break and powersmoking as you’ve been dying for a smoke all morning. Perhaps wearing a leather cuff too”.

A custom clip. No names mentioned.

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