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Do It For Megan Colight Coherent Light Photography


This is a dark side title without explicit video content – but with almost every type of verbal humiliation you can imagine – and with terrific smoking. Megan is ‘your wife’ and you’ve told her of your secret need for constant humiliation and other abuse. And she loves it. She lights her Marlboro Lights, looks you in the eye, and nails you with her sweet voice and vicious wants and ideas for your new place in her life. Megan is dressed head to toe in her leather corset and spiked collar; the video features a right-at-you view, lots of great snap inhales and talking exhales, wide, midrange and closeup views, and a constant flow of dialogue throughout in Megan’s sweet voice, with laughter and cruel, humiiating dialogue involving such things as chastity devices, sexual teasing & denial, forced masturbation for her and her friends, nipple clamps and other painful devices, cuckoldry, and lots more. The video features full dialogue; it’s a very early CoherentLight release and was remastered from an old analog tape, so the video quality is a little bit fuzzy at the very start – but clears up right after that.

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