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Double H Girls Volume IV

  1. Janice, 35 is a well accomplished smoker. Deep inhales followed by massive mouth and nose exhales. Her dangling is some of the best you will find, constant hard hits resulting with smoke boiling from her nostrils. Her inhales are almost always mini-french inhales. Rapid-paced all out smoking coupled with dangling, French inhales and massive exhales makes this girl a Double H girl.
  2. Holy Smoke! Let us introduce Lexus to you. This 24 y/o absolute gorgeous blonde may be one of the most attractive girls we have ever filmed. There is no way that the rewind button on your VCR won’t get the workout of its life! All white cigarettes are inhaled and exhaled by some of the sweetest and fullest lips you will ever see. Words fail – this is a knockout “must see” kind of girl!.
  3. Susan, 22 is a girl-next-door type. Smoking all whites, she Frenches excellent nose and mouth exhales after some deep and sensuous inhales. Don’t you wish your girl next door looked and smoked like her?
  4. Destiny, 31, is also an attractive blonde. VS120s are her brand and she smokes like a lady. Very elegant and a smile that will melt your heart. This girl was born to smoke and it shows.
  5. Elana, 21y/o, is an Estonian brunette. She smokes all whites and give some fantastic exhales through her mouth and nose. She just got out of aerobics class and is still in her workout clothes, just to get our imaginations going – .how cool is that?
  6. Ashley, 19 is a brunette that has some of the best exhales we have seen. Huge amounts of smoke pour from her nose and mouth as she smokes rapid-paced. Her body is fit, her face is beautiful. This is the kind of girl you find at a college bar, and all you can do is sit there and stare. Running Time: 32 Minutes

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