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Tania: Smoking While Doing Eveyday Stuff


This video shows a scene of Tania’s daily life. After work she arrives home with her shopping bags, and as a heavy smoker she is dangling a cigarette all the time. She is a very nervous and anxious woman, and one cigarette is not enough to calm her. She needs to chain smoke more than three cigarettes to start feeling better after work. At the same time she doesn’t stops her home daily duty, and the video shows her watching the plates, storing the food, drink a glass of whisky, and getting ready for a shower. And this girl is doing her duty so nervous and anxious that she doesn’t lose a moment to feed her body of nicotine. Her cigarette is always dangling in her lips, feeding her. Before finishing a cigarette, she is already lighting a fresh one.
A short description of Tania smoking style: Long deep drags, mechanical unconscient smoking, in real life chain smoker.
100% dangles video,
100% chain smoking video,
100% anxious smoking woman with terrible cravings

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