Double H Girls Volume VIII

  1. Su Lin, 19, is a gorgeous Asian-American. She is truly adorable, one of the cutest Asian girls we’ve seen. Deep inhales are followed by massive mouth exhales – this girl knows what she is doing.
  2. Karla, 27 is a French inhale expert. Busty and brunette she smokes a VS like no other girl. Long slow French inhales followed by massive mouth and nose exhales. Karla is also a master of the art of smoke rings. Her eyes are really what set her off, or is it her perfect full lips? After a few rings she lights up a personal dark French cigarette, looking very classy if we may say so. Karla is a huge inhaler and that always means large exhales.
  3. Teresa, 19, is a petite treat. Her long brown hair is only overshadowed by her cute face and perky attitude. She has near perfect exhales from the mouth and nose and smokes her VS120 like a little princess. You just want to take her in your arms – whew!
  4. Jana, 21, is an absolutely positively gorgeous blonde. She is a model and you can see it in an instant. She smokes rapid paced and really works the camera. No need to build this girl up…she is about as good as it gets.
  5. Cleo, 24, is a wild haired black girl who is a rapid paced smoker. She talks nonstop, so a treat for you guys into talking exhales.
  6. Teresa, 22, is another blonde model. Perfect hair, makeup, the works! These girls get paid to look good and it shows. Teresa smokes non-stop rapid paced and has some absolutely fabulous exhales, both mouth and nose are perfect. Thick creamy smoke and perfect 10 looks.
  7. Tina, 29, is a brunette beauty, with a perfect body. She gracefully smokes her all-white exhaling blasts of thick rich smoke from her mouth and nose.

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