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Elena Smoking Two Cigarettes At Once


Elena, 19 year old Italian girl, offers you another rare chance to watch her enjoying her cigarettes with twice the burning pleasure. This girl can devour two full flavour cigarettes at one sitting just outside a café. As she sucks in the smoke burning her lungs (as she likes to name it); you’ll notice the deep hollowing impressions on her cheek. She was enjoying the pleasure so strongly that she carelessly burned herself from the residual ash in the tobacco in the first scene.

The second scene is an interview with this smoking girl. She finds it sexy to smoke even if it causes her strong headache at the end of the day. “My sister, parents and grandmother told me smoking is sexy” “When I take the smoke in burning every part of my body…. I keep some smoke and want it to stay forever inside” Elena understands that the headache is a small tradeoff to the hearty pleasure and attractive signals she sends to others if she smokes. Find out about “smoking kisses” a new smokers term coined by her. Elena describes in detail how each body part feels when smoking..the nose..the mouth..the lungs. She also shows you the deep yellow tainted end of the filter. As with the filter, she realizes that the smoke also taints her lungs and smiles about it. She smokes so much that she can’t even remember the count of nicotine sticks she smokes.

In the third scene, the beautiful girl walks on the streets smoking two cigarettes at once, sitting down and enjoying time with herself and the smoke. It brings to total video to 15 minutes long.

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