Eli 15 Years Of Heavy Smoking


This extra long video (36 minutes) features Eli in her first solo performance. There are five scenes and each one comes with heavy smoking, interesting view angles and Eli wearing different outfits. She likes to smoke long cigarettes as these guarantee her plenty of forceful and fast-paced drags and thus a constant supply with large loads of smoke. As one can see from her smoke-affected skin, this must be her every-day heavy smoking style. Eli is somehow a role-model for all those heavy smoking women who already started smoking a lot in their teenage years and now enjoy smoking more than ever.

Scene 1: Eli is sitting on the sofa and being filmed from the side, she smokes one cigarette here.
Scene 2: Eli smokes two cigarettes sitting on a chair. She is filmed from the front.
Scene 3: Eli shows some skin and so allows you to admire her hot body while smoking two cigarettes. One segment is mirrored (front view) and the other one is filmed from the side.
Scene 4: Eli is smoking another cigarette, she stands in front of the camera and answers some questions about her smoking. Two different view angles in one screen make it possible for you to enjoy this winsome heavy smoker twofold here.
Scene 5: Eli is being filmed from the front again while she smokes her last cigarette. Here one can once again clearly identify all those aspects that make Eli such an adorable heavy smoker: Her unagitated style, her beauty and the self-evident naturalness of being an every-day heavy smoking woman.

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