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The long awaited return of Rhiannon here, and a new girl named Sonya. Most of the cigarettes smoked here are VS, but there’s quite a variety of other cigarettes as well. Rhiannon still isn’t the deepest smoker in the world, but I think we’re all ok with that.

I shot the Rhiannon stuff a little differently than I usually do, the camera does not move much, and the footage is cut with footage from a second camera (with a picture quality that’s not as good), the footage from the second camera is used sparingly, just enough to break up the footage from the primary camera. There’s not alot of closeups or other things I would have done if I’d had been concentrating on one camera.

The good news is this two camera setup allowed me to present a few moments of the video in a brand-new process called “Cinesmoke-vision” (two views of the same thing at the same time). I hope none of the other smoking producers have done this yet, but I don’t know. It is used very sparingly, in case you don’t like it.

There’s some scenes with multiple cigarettes smoked, including one with Sonya smoking 5 different colored cigarettes at the same time.

The girls appear separately in this video, none of the scenes has them together. Some of the video is music, but most is live audio, with some conversation with the girls. In fact, there’s an extended conversation scene with Rhiannon (15 min or so), she’s really doing more talking than smoking, but it’s nice for us to really meet her since she doesn’t say much in her first video, so that’s why I left this scene long.

This video is pretty long, has alot of setups in it, and stars two rather different girls, each very sexy in her own way, you will like them both. Some of the shots could have been better for sure, but other than that I think this is a really good video, well balanced, very interesting, and a step forward for Cinesmoke.

Running time: 86 min.

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