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Elsa Morning Cravings (Extreme Smoking)


Elsa feeds her morning cravings in this video. You’ll see the more extreme style of smoking, almost every drag is a double, or even triple drag. She’s hungry for smoking when she wakes up. One can notice that she keeps a pack close from her bed and ashtray in case of night cravings. She takes her first drags while she’s still sleeping.

Her drags are full, slow, satisfying her needs in nicotine. She exhales through her nostrils with some residual mouth exhales. Her style is really unique as she almost always double pumps and exhales through her nostrils. As she keeps her eyes closed, we can see that she is really experiencing a pure moment of morning pleasure. As the ash starts to build, she just opens her eyes to de ash her cigarette in a pretty full ashtray.

The sound is really clear and you’ll really hear the girl dragging powerfully and blowing a rich cloud of smoke. She then lights another full flavour ‘lucky’ with some double pumps, with a moaning of pleasure. She dangles a bit that one. The scene is filmed in close up so you can really see the tobacco end burning slowly as Elsa drags avidly. She begins to get up as she finishes her second cigarette.

In the second scene, Elsa is in the bathroom and shows us her beautiful slim body. She wears her top and a nice figgure-hugging shorts. We can see that her new hair color suits her perfectly. She lights another cigarette and start to smoke gracefully. She then sits on her bath. The camera is really close to her again and you will hear some moaning of pleasure. She says that she loves to smoke and she is conscious that she can’t stop. She then admires her smoking in the mirror and describes a little her morning ritual. We can notice that she really is an addicted smoker as the ashtray in the bathroom is also full of crushed cigarettes.

The girl doesn’t speak that much, but the video is focused on the way a beautiful smoker wakes up every morning. You’ll see all the delicious cigarettes that she smokes to satisfy her wonderful body, craving for nicotine.

Nostril exhales admirers? Wonderful close up enthusiasts? Then, this video is for you!

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