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Lady in red Nastya is smoking and giving an interview Russian Smokers


Questions for her:

What’s your name? How old are you?
How long have you been smoking?
Do you remember how you started smoking?
Can you describe your first cigarette?
And how soon after the very first you began to smoke daily?
How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?
How many in a row you’re able to smoke?
That with no a.lcohol?
Have you ever tried to smoke with no hands? Can you do that?
What cigarettes do you smoke? And which are your favourite?
And which do you smoke now?
So these are your fave?
Can you do tricks? Such as blow smoke rings, etc.
Can you show me your piercing?
Do you spit when you smoke?
Do you feel yourself addicted to smoking?
D’you feel smoking is telling on your health somehow?
Do you litter around when opening a pack or throw roaches in the street?
What’s the time interval between two cigarettes?
How long does it take you to have a cigarette after you woke up?
And which cigarette is your favourite in an entire day? That first one, probably?
Can you explain what do you like best about smoking?
Does a cigarette suit you, you think?
Do you perceive yourself sexier when smoking?
Do you regret you started to smoke?
Did you ever count how much do you spend for cigarettes per month?
And is this sum meaningful to your finances?
Why do you blow into the filter beforehand?
Ever tried to quit?
D’you know that there’re people who enjoy watching at smoking ladies and what do you think about it?
Is your family against your smoking?
And what if they will see this video and find it out?
Do you smoke at home?
Do you live alone or have someone?
Are you going to stop for the period of pregnancy?
What do you do in life? What are your hobbies?
What do you study?
Do you live together with parents?
Do you pay attention to warnings on cigarette packages?
Do you seek info on health problems caused by smoking all by yourself? On TV or online?
Do you smoke cigars, hookah or vape?
Does the smell of cigarettes annoy you when you’re not smoking yourself?
Do you have any smoking related rituals or traditions?
What do you normally do to get rid of the tobacco smell or taste out of your mouth?
Do you kiss girls? Having a relationship or just for fun?
Are you OK if we gonna film you smoke and kiss?
What kind of men do you prefer – smoking or non-smoking?

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