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Emily Beautiful Addicted Smoker


Pretty woman Emily knows she has been smoking too much for too long but she really doesn’t care because she loves smoking her cigarettes despite the damage it may cause. Emily smokes 6 cigarettes in 6 scenes, 2 Parliaments, 3 Marlboro Reds and 1 Marlboro Red 100, all the way down. She takes the smoke from her hard drags and inhales it often as deep as she can so she can get her nicotine in the quantity that satisfies her.
The deep and loud inhales come out in large clouds of smoke exhaled loudly with lots of residual exhales from all that smoke deep inside her lungs. Her heavy smoking does make Emily cough a few times and you can hear some wheezing and other sounds coming from this beautiful heavy smokers lungs. Awesome smoking from a very experienced pretty smoking woman!!!

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