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Ewa: Smoking Woman


Ewa is a Czech beauty who started to smoke at an early age to stay slim, to get a “perfect body” as she says. Her smoking was all about weight control but now being 32 years old is only addiction and enjoyment. It’s such a pleasure to see her enjoying each drag as if it was the last one, Ewa is perfectly at ease with the camera. She often sighs of pleasure as the smoke enters her lungs. “I just love to feel the smoke here”, she says as she softly strokes her breasts…

This video is full of wonderful close ups, especially dangling scenes! Ewa puts the cigarette between her teeth, slowly closes her lips and takes an enormous slow drag. She also loves to keep the smoke inside as it kisses her chest. Ewa also displays awesome creamy French inhales, and driftings. Powersmoking and combined nose mouth exhales are also on her repertoire! A perfect body in topless, beautiful smile, amazing smoking skills and among all, such a pleasure to fill her delicated body with nicotine!

We let you discover the shower scene, you will melt down… Be prepared, this sensual smoking video is a very hot one!

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