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Elsa The Queen Of Nostril Exhales


Elsa is back, and she’s more addicted than ever. If you are familiar to this site, you should be no stranger to her heavy addiction and her graceful smoking style. Elsa devours 4 cigarettes during this interview with indescribable passion and unsurpassed intensity. The interview is divided into two scenes, both of which, Elsa talks about her unstoppable addiction.

Elsa is 20 years old and she smokes between 40-60 cigarettes per day!. Watch her multipump her way through cigarette after cigarette, all the while, confiding us that she loves smoking so much, that she will never consider quitting – no matter what consequences her young lungs might suffer: “I’m just too addicted I don’t want to quit, I like it so much and I just can’t stop smoking. I felt addicted since my very first cigarette.”

The video features clear audio which allows us to hear every single whisp of rich smoke entering her sexy body. If you are into nostril exhales, multiple pumps, smoking passion or simply just a sexy Polish teenager speed smoking her lungs out, this video is for you.

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