Family Feud III Smoking Teens 2 Double H Video


Like your smokers young?? Like them petite? Here’s your tape. 2 sisters and a cousin are the teens, and Mom jumps in for a brief cameo. The two sisters, Heidi, and Holly are each 4’11” Heidi is 88 lbs.18y/o and Holly is 91 lbs., and 19y/o. Their cousin Merelda, 18 is paper thin, 5’2 and 90lbs. Each girl shows her style, mixing between mouth and nose exhales, talking and having teen fun while smoking for you. Mom – Linda jumps in for a few minutes to see how she fairs in the competition, she smokes 2 packs a day, and admits to smoking during the pregnancy of her daughters. Maybe that is where these young girls learned to smoke….from watching mom. This video is 45 minutes and has a mix of MOUTH and NOSE exhales, lots of talking exhales also.

Length: 3/4 Hour

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