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Malena Interview To A Chain Smoking Girl


Malena is a sweet girl who started to smoke at 18. Now that she is 27, she smokes 25 to 30 cigarettes a day and does not plan to quit! “I always take cigarettes with me.” “I love everything about smoking: the taste, the sensation, taking a break with my cigarette, it’s perfect.” She is totally addicted: “I feel that I need it, more than everything in the world, I sometimes chain the cigarettes, one after the other.” Those are some quotes from the interview. She also explains that she keeps smoking when she is sick: “I smoke for pleasure and addiction. I love the whole ritual, to have the cigarette in my fingers.”

Her style is relaxed and harmonious. She slowly drags on her red 100s, inhales with a clear “shhh” sound and releases the smoke with discreet cone exhales or with some residual clouds. Sometimes it’s more mouth and nose combinations or even nostril exhales, but always with few smoke: actually, she keeps volumes of smoke inside, doing its job in her body as she performs multiple little exhales. Many close ups let you appreciate the girl’s drags and light ups. The sound is enhanced as you hear everything as if the model was next to you!

Malena chains 6 cigarettes in this video, 2 of them lit with the previous ending cigarette, others with matches. Go for this video if you are into thin and graceful women savoring each cigarette as if it was the last one!

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